On the 8th & 9th of November, 2021, we launched v2 of our Shabbat Domestic Hot Water Controller at JTRADE 2021. Our Products had attaracted enormous success from all types of trades. Launched in 2018, JTrade is Britain’s only Jewish trade expo; it connects people in the construction/property market with potential employees, customers and investors. JTrade’s debut took place in May 2018; with 1000s of visitors and over 180 exhibitor stands. JTrade highlights local talent and enables entrepreneurs from a vast range of backgrounds to display their products and services to a large pool of potential clients.


Our Products are featured in the Jewish Tribune.
"Looking for something to take the pain out of washing plates on Friday night dishwashing? Struggling to work out how to pump wastewater on Shabbos from a newly-excavated basement? ShabbatSmart – a London-based businessis now offering specially designed, Shabbos-compliant solutions.

Shuki Diskind is a mechanical and electrical engineer with years of experience kitting out large commercial and high-end residential buildings with the most complex of integrated control systems. Climate control must be calibrated across large campuses whilst being highly energy efficient. Only the most sophisticated of control systems can meet the challenge, and programming them demands the highest levels of rigour and expertise.

But for Shuki, his passion is not in the end comfort of his client portfolio nor in the impressive savings he can bring to a large business. As a child, he grew up as a neighbour of renowned posek and author of Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchoso Rav Yehoshua Neuwirth ztl. Trained from a young age to constantly scrutinise the details of Hilchos Shabbos, he finds himself with a burning desire to use his inventive creativity to benefit the Shomer Shabbos kehilla here in the UK and beyond.
In a newly-formed partnership, Shuki has been in extensive discussions with FedTech’s Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag and the two have collaborated to fine tune and perfect some bespoke solutions which are now on offer for the kehilla at large. And so ShabbatSmart was born. The result is the “ShabbatSmart Foul Water Pump Controller” which automates the process to allow a sewage pump to run in a Shabbos-compliant manner.The “ShabbatSmart Hot Water Controller” provides warm water for use for dishwashing, washing a baby or a choleh.
Both devices have been inspected and approved by the Federation Rov and Av Beis Din Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman along with his Dayonim. The devices have been awarded the Federation’s Mehadrin level hechsher – Kehillas/FedTech.

Shuki elaborates on the principles behind the “ShabbatSmart Hot Water Controller”: “Allowing hot water to be used and produced on Shabbos requires us to keep water below the halachic boundary level of yad soledes bo, to remove any concerns relating to bishul on Shabbos. We also need to make sure that when taking hot water from the system we do not cause the boiler to activate. Nowadays, we can achieve so much with a tiny controller that can be fitted to your existing boiler and tank system.”

Nochum Dewhurst FCIOB C.Build E FCABE MICWCI AssocRICS from Dewhurst Consult is an expert in the building trade. He provides some background to the “ShabbatSmart Foul Water Pump Controller”. “ShabbatSmart have stepped into a key area which has been of concern to us for many years. Removing waste from a basement or underground unit is always technically challenging. The halochos of Shabbos present an even higher level of complexity at each site where I am involved. I am so excited that ShabbatSmart have stepped up to the plate here and provided a solution which has been needed for so long.”

Rabbi Guttentag adds some halachic insight: “There may be significant room for leniency for someone who moves into a home which is fitted with a basement wastewater pump and an attenuation tank. But the householder who is midway through a significant home-improvement project will find comfort in knowing that a Kosher LiMehadrin solution is now available for this halachic challenge. We have also found that householders are able to easily install the Shabbos wastewater controller device on existing installations.”

With their eyes laser-focused on the technical challenges affecting Shemiras Shabbos, we can expect to hear of further Kosher liMehadrin developments from Shabbat Smart in the years ahead."

Uou can read the editorial by clicking the link below.